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We are united and determined to end the political forces that have never recognized our humanity, nor cared about our welfare. We are committed to put in place true inclusion and effective participation in the political process.

The history of disparate treatment of the African American citizens of St. Louis County dates back to the first African American residents of St. Louis County. There exists in St. Louis County a disrespect for African Americans. Nowhere is that more evident than in the political system of St. Louis County. In every area of civil society we have examined, we have found the relationship between the African American community and St. Louis County to be both inequitable and unjust. African American political leaders can no longer be oblivious to the obvious.

Any superficial examination will lead even the most casual observer to the conclusion that there is a systemic, structural hostility to the very idea of African American participation as full citizens in the civil society of St. Louis County. There are many exceptional individuals who are not of color, who have been on the frontline in the fight for social justice. Our charge is made against the structural nature of this situation which mitigates these individual efforts.


Support, protect and defend our community.

Therefore, we the elected representatives of the African American Community of St. Louis County, in the name of our community, declare that we stand unified in our shared civic interests to represent the community, uphold what is right and necessary, and build towards true representation in all areas of public life. We also pledge to each other that our individual political efforts will coalesce to improve policies and practices that ensure the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness of our community.

Gone but never forgotten, we love you...

Chairwoman, Hazel Erby
Fannie Lou Hamer Coalition | Founding Member

Mayor Viola Murphy
Fannie Lou Hamer Coalition | Founding Member

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